Oct 27, 2019

Dispatching redux actions from getInitialProps

Executing redux actions, and the getting access to redux state in nextjs

Nextjs + Redux

Next.js provides a particular function called getInitialProps, which allows you to pass objects to the pages before rendering it. These objects are mostly from API requests. Since the getInitialProps method runs both on server and client, it offers a great way of making your website isomorphic. It means that you get the benefits of both SSR and SPA.

Configuring redux in next.js is a bit different than in single-page applications. So if you haven't connected your nextjs app with redux, I have written a post about connecting redux to nextjs.

Dispatching redux action in getInitialProps

getInitialProps method provides an object parameter from where we can destructure reduxStore property.

reduxStore contains dispatch method from where we can dispatch redux actions

function index() {
    return <div>Nextjs + Redux</div>

index.getInitialProps({reduxStore}) {
    return {}

Get Redux state in getInitialProps

reduxStore property also contains the getState method, which returns the redux state.

index.getInitialProps({reduxStore}) {
    const state = reduxStore.getState()
    return {}

Example Source code

Here's the source code if you want to try it out in your machine.

git clone https://github.com/jibin2706/nextjs-redux.git
cd nextjs-redux
npm install
npm run dev

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