Hi, I'm Jibin Thomas

I’m a front-end developer, focused towards developing good looking websites with a primary focus on performance and future maintainability.


Some fun projects that I have developed

COVID-19 Dashboard

Static website to show stats of people affected with COVID-19 across the world.

Next.jsSCSS Modules

Portfolio + Blog

My digital space on the internet. It has when through a couple of design iteration. Nothing fancy, it’s simple and fast.


Park Finder

This was my final year project. It's an IoT project using the NodeMCU micro-controller kit which detects if there is a car present in a particular parking space, and saves the status in the database. The Android app uses the data along with Google Maps API to plot markers showing free space across different locations.


Backslash Fest Website

Made this website for our college fest in 2018.


Featured Posts

I write about stuff that I learn

Scheduled deployments using GitHub Actions on Zeit Now

How I leveraged GitHub actions to schedule deployments in Zeit Now platform using cron.

Next.js + Redux without disabling prerendering (Updated)

Integrating redux to your server-side rendered application in nextjs while preserving prerendering

2019 In Review

As 2020 around the corner, marking the end of the decade, I wanted to review what happened in my life this year and what I want to achieve in 2020.

Dark mode for the web

Enable dark mode for your users using prefers-color-scheme media query

Next.js + Redux

Integrating redux to your server side rendered application in nextjs

Integrating payment in your Android Application

Easy steps to add payment support in your android application using Razorpay

How to get started with IoT using NodeMCU Devkit and Firebase database

Getting started with Internet of Things

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