Jul 18, 2019

Getting my first developer job

I am starting as a Junior Front-End Developer at The Souled Store

The Souled Store retail store

Retail outlet in Bandra

I'm excited to announce that, I will be joining as a Junior Front-End Developer at The Souled Store. It is an e-commerce platform, where you can buy different brand merchandise and fashion products. And they are also expanding to retail outlets.

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Job Hunting can be difficult

It is difficult, especially when you are searching for your first developer job. I found the job searching process to be time-consuming and hectic at times. I started my job search after I finished my final year exams, and it took me around 1-2 months. During that period, I applied to a lot of companies via emails, LinkedIn, and other job portals. I never heard back from most of the companies which can be frustrating at times. A couple of them led to face-to-face interviews and then even after having a great interview never heard back from them.


We are in a time where anyone can learn programming from the internet. There are good resource to learn including many free and paid courses, documentation, blog posts, and other materials that helped me a lot.

I have a graduate degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I got started with web development from a college course, but it wasn't sufficient to build anything significant. But, then I found FreeCodeCamp, the curriculum is beginner-friendly, and one can start learning how to code. Wes Bos' javascript30 is a free course, and it got me interested in web development. I haven't completed the course, but it gave me the motivation to start making projects instead of just learning.

When I started applying for jobs, I had adequate knowledge about web fundamentals, which included HTML, CSS, and Javascript. And also some experience using React.js, Python, and Java.

Having a portfolio site helped since showcasing your projects where the employer can view your capability.


Here are some of the resources I used for learning.

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